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Released three times a year to members only, the Mari-Times features articles on historical maritime events, a “View from the Wheelhouse”, museum news, volunteer information, nautical book reviews, new exhibit information and much more.

Volume 23, Issue 1 – Winter, 2015

Gills Rock fishing village

Small fishing village of Gills Rock

Main Articles:

  • A History of Gills Rock and Its Commercial Fishing Legacy
  • View From the Wheelhouse: The Executive Director’s Report by Rick O’Farrell
  • Cana Island Report
  • Sturgeon Bay Report: Sea Dogs
  • Gills Rock Report
  • Volunteer Corner: Bus business has rebounded nicely. Thank You.
  • Volunteer Spotlight: Gary King
  • Best of Door County
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Volume 22, Issue 3 – Fall, 2014

DCMM Historic Photo

U.S. Revenue Cutter “Seneca” during Ice Patrol operations, 1914

Main Articles:

  • The Historic Shadow of a Hero by Bob Desh
  • View From the Wheelhouse: It has been a hoot! by Bob Desh
  • Volunteer Corner: Docents (Tour Guides) Make a Difference by Jon Gast
  • Development Director’s Report: Cana Island Lighthouse Keeper’s Log – Fall 2014 by Trudy Herbst
  • Volunteer Spotlight: Bob Perlewitz
  • Merry-Time Festival of Trees
  • Event Review
  • 2015 Wooden Boatbuilding
  • Great Lakes/Great Books Club
  • Lighthouse Word Search
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Volume 22, Issue 2 – Summer, 2014

DCMM Pirates at WorkMain Articles:

  • Pirates at Work and Play by June Larson
  • View from the Wheelhouse: Sturgeon Bay Becomes a Coast Guard City by Bob Desh]
  • Volunteer Corner: Volunteer Request Reflects our Changing Times by Jon Gast
  • Development Director’s Report: Cana Island Lighthouse Keeper’s Log – Spring 2014 by Trudy Herbst
  • New Crew Members: Gills Rock Site Manager & Tug Docent Coordinator
  • DCMM News
  • Boatbuilding Class Project: Whitehall
  • Missions of the Coast Guard Exhibit
  • Volunteer Spotlight: Norm Paul
  • Golden Hearts Nomination
  • Event Review
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Volume 22, Issue 1 – Winter, 2014

DCMM Newsletter

The “Racing Stripe” prototype slash was tested on USCGC Diligence as well as another cutter, a buoy tender, vehicles, and buildings at Base Miami.

Main Articles:

  • The History of the “Racing Stripe” Emblem and Brand Identity for the U.S. Coast Guard
  • View from the Wheelhouse: Another “Warrior Tugboat” Visits Sturgeon Bay by Bob Desh
  • Volunteer Corner: History is a Wonderful Thing to Share by Jon Gast
  • Museum Store News: Ships of the Great Lakes by Jan Johnson
  • Whitehall: 2014-15 Boatbuilding Class Project
  • Popeye in the Coast Guard by C. Douglas Kroll, Ph.D.
  • Mari-Times Spotlight: Jim Paterson
  • Development Director’s Report: Estate Gifts Support the Museum by Trudy Herbst
  • Event Review
  • New Sawyer Park Walkway to Host LARGE Maritime Artifacts!
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Volume 21, Issue 3 – Fall, 2013

DCMM Newsletter


Main Articles:

  • Becoming a Surfman in 1938 by John Merrill
  • View from the Wheelhouse: The Raising of the George M. Humphrey Still a Maritime Salvage “Miracle” by Bob Desh
  • Volunteer Corner: No Matter your Portion Size, Chicken Dinner no Enough to Express Appreciation by Jon Gast
  • Merry-Time Festival of Trees
  • Museum Store News: Haunted Reads for the Season! by Jan Johnson
  • The Past is a Foreign Country by Bob Desh
  • Mari-Times Spotlight: Bruce Smith
  • Boat Festival 2013
  • Tall Ships
  • The Swivel Gun by Bob Desh, Proud Cannoneer
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Volume 21, Issue 2 – Summer, 2013

DCMM Newsletter

U.S. Cutter “Vigilant” vs. the British privateer “Dart”. Painting by Dean Ellis, USCG Collection

Main Articles:

  • US Revenue Cutter Operations In the War of 1812 – Part Two
  • View from the Wheelhouse: A summer season of maritime activities for the entire family to enjoy… by Bob Desh
  • Volunteer Corner: There’s no way to replace these volunteers by Jon Gast
  • You’re in the Army Now!: Tale of a warrior tugboat by Bob Desh
  • Museum Store News: Summer Reads by Jan Johnson
  • Museum Logo Wear
  • War of 1812 Quiz
  • Woodcarvings by Pudge & Mary Degraff Exhibit
  • Mari-Times Spotlight: Mike Brodd
  • Crossed Oars and Empty Lifejacket
  • Change of Watch at the Gills Rock Museum
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Volume 21, Issue 1 – Winter, 2013

DCMM Newsletter

Cutter “James Madison” captures the British brig “Shamrock”, 23 July 1812. Painting by Peter Rindlisbacher, USCG Collection

Main Articles:

  • US Revenue Cutter Operations In the War of 1812 – Part One
  • View from the Wheelhouse: Keeping our wooden boatbuilding traditions alive… by Bob Desh
  • Book Review: Sea Service Medals; Military Awards and Decorations of the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard
  • Volunteer Corner: The numbers reflect the impact our volunteers make on the Museum by Jon Gast
  • Museum Store News: Pirates – Ship to Store by Jan Johnson
  • New Exhibit Opening: “Pirates – Ship to Shore”
  • Member Event – Milwaukee Brewers Game
  • Museum Logo Wear
  • War of 1812 Quiz
  • Sikaflex Challenge 2012
  • Haunted Door County by Gayle Soucek with Forward by Bob Desh
  • Mari-Times Spotlight: Steve Brunstrom
  • Merry-Time Festival of Trees
  • Five Programs Planned for Maritime Museum’s Speaker Series
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Volume 20, Issue 2 – Summer, 2012

DCMM Newsletter

Blackbeard versus foe

Main Articles:

  • View from the Wheelhouse: Ahoy! The tall-ship is coming: the tall ship is coming!! by Bob Desh
  • Development Report: A New Way to Curate by Trudy Herbst
  • Birdhouse & Bird Feeder Raffle Tickets Now Available
  • Volunteer Corner: ‘Pirates’ will bring more boardings, need for docents by Jon Gast
  • Museum Store News: Pirates – Ship to Shore by Jan Johnson
  • Something for everyone at 23rd Annual Door County Maritime Museum Classic & Wooden Boat Festival
  • Door County Trolley Tour – Haunted Olde Sturgeon Bay
  • Be Ye A Pirate? – Mari-Time Quiz
  • The Pirates are Here! The Pirates are Here!!!
  • Cruise to Pottawatomie Lighthouse on Rock Island
  • Mari-Times Spotlight: David Morgan & Bob Schottmuller
  • Seeking Nominations: Mariner Award
  • Door County Lighthouse Festival Coloring Contest
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Volume 20, Issue 1 – Winter, 2012

Main Articles:

  • Winter Frolics on the Great Lakes by Jeff Lindstrom
  • View from the Wheelhouse: The Year of the Dragon by Bob Desh
  • Volunteer Corner: In many ways, docents are the face of the Museum by Jon Gast
  • The First Step toward construction of a Maritime Observation Tower
  • Maritime Speaker Series Underway
  • I Get a Kick Out of Cole (the Music of Cole Porter)
  • Mari-Time Quiz
  • Member Road Trip – EAA Aviation Museum
  • Mari-Times Spotlight: Janet & Dick Grota
  • Lighthouse Festival Raffle Drawing
  • Abenaki Boat-Building Class
  • Walk of Fame Architectural Bricks
  • We’re on TV!
  • Curator Departs for the Great Cypress Swamp
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Volume 19, Issue 2 – Fall, 2011

DCMM Newsletter

County Courthouse in Escanaba ca 1930. Mary Gouley’s quarry provided stone for the foundation of the courthouse in Escanaba, Michigan.

Main Articles:

  • The “Lost Marble Quarry” on the Garden Peninsula by Dr. Richard Boyd, Wisconsin Underwater Archeology Association
  • View From the Wheelhouse – “Sweepers, Sweepers, man your brooms…”
  • Maritime speaker Series
  • Cedar Strip Canoe Boatbuilding Class
  • Volunteer Corner: Docent crew steps up after a particular painful loss by Jon Gast
  • Nautical Humor dictionary
  • Mari-Times Spotlight: Nadine Urban & Sharon McConnell
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Volume 19, Issue 1 – Spring, 2011

Door County Maritime Museum

“Peshtigo Reef” Lightship was built in 1906 at Johnson Boiler Co., Ferrysburg, Michigan. She remained assigned to Peshtigo Reef until the station was discontinued in 1935. Thereafter, she was assigned “relief” duty until 1940.

Main Articles:

  • Adrift – Author Unknown
  • View from the Wheelhouse: Onward and Upward! by Bob Desh
  • Oh, the Stories I Heard! by Paul Graf & the Membership Committee
  • Curator’s Report: Education, entertainment, and other experiences… by John Moga
  • Volunteer Corner: You don’t have to dig deep to find Museum’s support by Jon Gast
  • Sturgeon Bay Hosts Annual Shipyard Tours
  • Some new twists to Lighthouse Festival in June
  • D-Day Remembrance
  • Wisconsin’s Flag Ship coming to Sturgeon Bay!
  • Maritime Book and Postcard Sale
  • Cruise to the Historic Townsite of Fayette
  • Nautical Terms Quiz
  • Mari-Times Spotlight: Amy Paul
  • International Museum Day – Movie Marathon
  • Wisconsin’s Schooner Coast
  • The Red Target by Jim Gill
  • The Red Cutter by Jim Gill
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