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The Challenge & Solution

The Challenge

This is all very good news, and we’re proud of our current facilities and exhibits. We’re aware, however, that the Door County Maritime Museum must take another major step toward 21st century modernization, as have many museums around the country. While we have enjoyed great success with our recent rotating exhibits and have drawn tens of thousands of visitors to our Sturgeon Bay museum, we have two significant challenges: space and self-sustainability.

The gallery space required for large temporary exhibits has limited our ability to host short-term temporary exhibits, and it has greatly reduced our general-use areas. Those areas normally would be available for community and member receptions and special events.

We also lack retail floor space. An expanded museum store will facilitate higher sales, which is a key element in sustainable development.

The Solution: The Maritime Lighthouse Tower Project

The 11-story Maritime Lighthouse Tower will give us expanded gallery space for must-see exhibits, and it will provide the general-use space we need to further engage and serve our community.

This project will help us pursue our self-sustaining business model. The observation tower will attract more visitors, resulting in increased revenue from admissions and memberships; and expanded retail space will mean increased store sales.

The tower project will include a remodeled lobby, an improvement that will allow us to better accommodate large bus tours and provide an ideal reception area for visiting groups.

Door County Maritime Museum Tower Project

Additional Tower Project Information