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Roger Utnehmer, Owner Door County Daily News

The Door County Maritime Museum is a Sturgeon Bay gem.  The proposed Maritime Lighthouse Tower will make it even better.

The eleven-story tower will open space for more exhibits sharing the maritime history of Door County for generations to come.  Additional meeting space and an observation deck will be used by many and become an even better reason to visit Sturgeon Bay.

This is a waterfront development that is paid for by donations, not dependent on taxpayer expense, serves a public purpose and will become a significant tourist magnet in the heart of our community.

A major reason for Sturgeon Bay residents to be proud of this proposal is that it will be a valued resource for local residents as well as a welcome educational experience for visitors.

The tower, close to the iconic Michigan Street Bridge, will become a pair of visual images for which Sturgeon Bay will be known for generations into the future.

The current facility in Sturgeon Bay is one of the community’s most valuable resources.  The museum excels at educating about the maritime history and preserving the memory of Sturgeon Bay’s rich water-related heritage.

The Maritime Lighthouse Tower will fuel the future with an exciting and educational experience worth supporting with a visit, a donation and a word of encouragement to those responsible for its development.

The west side of Sturgeon Bay needs something positive, educational, economically stimulating and taxpayer-free and this project is just that.

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Stephanie Klett, Secretary, Wisconsin Department of Tourism

The Door County Maritime Museum is already a tourism gem celebrating Wisconsin’s rich maritime history. The plans by the Door County Maritime Museum and Lighthouse Preservation Society to expand its facility is exciting and when completed has the potential to attract even more visitors and generate greater economic impact for the region.

The proposed tower will give visitors panoramic and inspiring lake views for miles, making the museum an even bigger draw for visitors. I look forward to its opening which will only enhance an already fabulous tourism experience for visitors to Door County.

Thad Birmingham, Mayor, City of Sturgeon Bay

What better way to experience the “Shipbuilding Capital of the Great Lakes” than from the perch of this Maritime Lighthouse Tower … a great addition to our working waterfront!

Pam Seiler, Executive Director, Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center

The Maritime Lighthouse Tower would truly be a fantastic addition and draw to Sturgeon Bay. We are the only Door County Community with a working waterfront. It would allow many more visitors and residents to see our working waterfront and appreciate the diverse beauty from the lake to the bay.

David Ward, Chairman | Bill Chaudoir, Executive Director, Door County Economic Development Corporation

Dear Friends,

The Door County Economic Development Corporation is proud to support the Maritime Lighthouse Tower expansion by the Door County Maritime Museum in Sturgeon Bay.

We believe,

  • The tower will become one of the County’s most popular attractions and a “can’t miss” travel destination for both local residents and visitors alike.
  • The tower will be an incredible tool to help our residents, especially our youth, to better understand and appreciate the unmatched natural beauty, unique geography and critical economic role that the waterfront plays in our community.
  • The tower and its exhibits will greatly enhance the museum’s ability to recognize and celebrate the incredible maritime history and continuing critical role that shipbuilding, recreational boating and related maritime business contribute to the economy of our community, region and state.
  • The tower will be a catalyst for future economic development in the City. The recent West Waterfront Redevelopment Study identified the important role that the Maritime Museum already plays as an anchor and economic driver for this area. The proposed tower will further solidify this role and will be a significant asset in helping to attract private developers to invest and create new jobs in our beautiful waterfront community.

We strongly urge the community to step up in support of the Lighthouse Tower at the Door County Maritime Museum in Sturgeon Bay. Thank you for your interest and consideration.

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