Door County Maritime Museum - Wisconsin Maritime Museum

Potential Tower Exhibits

Maritime System Importance

This exhibit will highlight the many regional economic, transportation, social and environmental benefits derived from North America’s navigable inland waterways.

Regional Highlights

“Why Northeast Wisconsin is Unique!” will summarize the region’s unique assets, including lighthouses, shipyards, mega yacht builders, sport fishing, Great Lakes yachting, the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal, and major innovations in marine equipment.

Modern Commercial Ships

This will honor the leadership and skills of the architects, engineers, designers, and skilled craftsmen who build modern vessels.

Evolution of Commercial Ships

This exhibit will follow the historical development of ships on the Great Lakes — from sail, to steam, to modern vessels.

Regionally Built Naval Ships

In this exhibit, visitors will learn about the historical and contemporary highlights in regional U.S. Navy shipbuilding.

Vessel Simulator

Here, visitors will be able to plan their voyage and “steer” a 1,000-foot self-unloading freighter, a multi-million dollar megayacht, a U.S. Navy minesweeper or a U.S. Coast Guard rescue boat through the bridges in Sturgeon Bay!

Great Lakes Shipwrecks

In this exhibit, visitors will have the unusual experience of “swimming” through Great Lakes shipwrecks!

Children’s Interactive Gallery

Designed for our younger visitors, these exhibits will feature activities and components to encourage children’s imagination and discovery.

Additional Tower Project Information