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For four decades, our museum has entertained, educated, and preserved our maritime history. Now, the museum is ready to take a leap forward with a spectacular 11-story tower addition dedicated to appreciating the inland maritime systems!

The museum is planning state-of-the-art exhibits dedicated to raise appreciation in the public’s daily lives for the region’s maritime systems and industries. The messaging will ensure understanding about how the Great Lakes marine systems collectively contribute to improving American quality of life. The program’s exhibits, displayed in the new Maritime Tower facility, will achieve the following:

  • Become a unique attraction & destination
  • Show the Great Lakes incredible recreational value
  • Explain importance of regional maritime industries
  • Expand tourism, business conferences, and economic development
  • Highlight environmental benefits of maritime vs. other transportation

Our visiting audience already includes public tourism (currently over 65,000 annually), business conferences, and governmental representatives. The museum enjoys being a prime attraction centrally located in the Great Lakes among diversified maritime industries and within a recreational yachting destination.

Serving as a visual landmark, the new 11-story, 11,000 sq. ft. Maritime Tower will be reminiscent of lighthouses throughout the nation. It will provide a remarkable, highly attractive destination for families, recreational marine groups, and business conferences. This will be an enduring celebration and a highly attractive feature for decades to come.

Thank you for partnering with us on this new and exciting initiative!


Amy Paul
Executive Director

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