Death’s Door Maritime Museum Roof Fundraiser


Death’s Door Maritime Museum – Fundraising for New Roof

The combination of years of severe winter weather and the April 2018 record-breaking snowstorm took a toll on the roof of the Death’s Door Maritime Museum in Gills Rock, Wisconsin. A new roof is required to protect and preserve the historical artifacts and to ensure the doors will be open for the first summer season with the new name of Death’s Door Maritime Museum. The Door County Maritime Museum is reaching out to the public for support. 

This time-sensitive project is imperative to ensure the historical maritime artifacts aren’t damaged and can be on display for generations to come. Total cost estimates are coming in and currently total $67,000. Funds are needed to help the non-profit museum complete the repairs quickly.

“Preserving Door County maritime history is our mission and our purpose. We are reaching out to our community and maritime supporters to help us replace this roof before it threatens the artifacts we’ve been entrusted with,” says Amy Paul, Executive Director of the Door County Maritime Museum.

The record-breaking blizzard in April impacted buildings and roofsthroughout Wisconsin, causing complete collapse in other unlucky structures. The Death’s Door Maritime Museum withstood the record-breaking blizzard but the need for a new roof is now imperative for museum

“Every dollar helps,” says Paul. “We are part of such a supportive and compassionate community, we know that if everyone pitches in, we can replace the roof quickly. Thank you ahead of time for your continued support.” 

Pieces of Death’s Door shipwrecks, the Plum Island Fresnel lens, Kahlenberg engines, circa 17th century dugout canoe and the fishing tug Hope are a few of the important artifacts located at the Death’s Door Maritime Museum. Each piece is an important part of our storied and extensive maritime history. 

The Death’s Door Maritime Museum is currently closed for the season until further notice and will be open as soon as the building is safe for visitors.

To support this worthy cause, visitors can contribute by clicking here, or for more donation options please call 920-743-5958.